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KIFT 2023 - Open Call for Submissions- KiNiNso Hello, We will appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe, CHILDREN FOCUSED FESTIVAL https://gofund.me/371619ff KiNiNso International Festival of Theatre started in 2016 with a focus on performances for early years, Children, and Teenagers. However, KIFT has expanded into a multi-disciplinary festival of contents for both adult and young audience. Our festival has created an avenue for audience and performers to have after show interaction. We have used our festival to provide Educational materials for children from underdeveloped communities. Through our festival, we have reached over 10 thousand School children and a thousand teachers. Part of the lineup for KIFT are Workshops and Masterclasses for Performers/Creatives, Teachers/caregivers and Panel discussion sessions. This year we are calling on you, a lover of Arts to help us expand our reach and impact by supporting The KiNiNso International Festival of Theatre by donating to our Gofundme and to also share with friends. We are grateful for your support and look forward to a wonder festival. Festival Date: 7 - 12 November 2023.


KiNiNso International Festival of Theatre - KIFT Calls for Workshops, and Performances. We are calling on creators of performances for Young Audiences, Teenagers, and Adults to Apply for KIFT 2023 which is scheduled to hold from 7th - 12 November 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria. KIFT is an all-inclusive festival with performances for all age groups. Our Festival will also feature Workshops, Panel Discussions, Masterclasses, Festival Connect hangout/Games Night. Application Link: https://t.ly/xo5lj. Application Closes 2nd July 2023.



Plates, spoon, straws and humans come together in this playful rendition of colours.

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Patches uses colourful pieces of clothes to create random shapes and objects at different impulses.

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ROCKIN’ MBOKODO is a physical theatre performance for 3-7-year-olds, created with the Magnet Theatre Trainees in 2018 with the input of Jennie Reznek (Magnet Theatre), Barbara Kölling and Anna-Sophia Zimniak (Theater Helios), Jayne Batzofin, and Andi Colombo. ROCKIN’ MBOKODO explores what it means to grow up and situate home. Ritual and rock, song and sound ground this performance. As they jump from stone to stone, four performers remind us of the importance of family and healing, the power of journey, and the significance of finding our way home. The performance is 35 - 40 minutes long with several moments of interaction between the young audience and the performers. ROCKIN’ MBOKODO performed at Magnet’s 2018 Family Festival to delighted audiences and in creches and childcare facilities around the Cape Town Townships in 2018 and 2019. The work enchants and engages audiences of all ages.

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Amuwò (initiation) is a contemporary dance piece on the importance of initiations and focusing more on the layers of pains, sacrifices and rigor that goes along in every process of initiation. While we reawaken the needful but gainful perseverance in initiation. It’s an expression to growth and development. This happens to almost every individual regardless of age, tribe or race, boyhood to manhood, girlhood to womanhood, citizenship to kingship, military, and promotions through, trainings, cultism adherences, theatre initiates, and spiritual transformations with transfigurations, religious baptism and inductions, occupational graduations and skill acquisition mastery. Amuwò is design to reawaken and promote deep and lasting perseverance first in all its audience and the community at large because the result from every meaningful and constructive initiations always birth good fortunes and satisfactions

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JOIN-BODI is a piece about reuniting the Nigerian communities after the 2019 elections, shunning discord, curbing hatred, and hate speeches birthed through the influence of politicians and parties. The piece hopes to resolve issues of relationship and living together as one even after the elections and not allowing politics and thuggery destroy our communal life as a people reminding all that ‘Politicians still wine and dine behind closed doors’. On the other hand, we strongly address the issue of accountability of office holders, citizens demanding accountability and monitoring the progress of their representatives, digging deep to know if their voices and concerns are made priority. Through research, imaginative thinking, interviews, these performance stories we believe would be change oriented, further help to develop our local communities and arouse the people into action. As a theatre for awareness/sensitization piece, its unique hotspot is to help breakdown our challenges as a people, find means to solve them creatively, putting it in the faces and ears of our grassroots audience.

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Brain drain is an agit prop play that satirises the current trend of brilliant mind and brains leaving the country in search of a better life abroad. Hereby, draining the country of innovative ideas and collective development whereby becoming a major force in the development of the foreign countries that accept them. Brain drain has become a major issue that needs to be addressed in our country.

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The growing up of an inseparable twins who does things at almost the same time was disrupted after they both set their eyes on a glowing wand. Unknown to them, the wand is magical, capable of doing the extraordinary but could only do well if unitedly used. This piece will unravel the power of oneness with the user of different dramatic elements.

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Nigeria go better recounts the history of Nigeria from 1914 till date Then performance places emphasis on the the strong reasons why we should stay together as a Nation, Nigeria go Better is a must see. Join us a we delve into the history of our Nation.

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Portray a people with a particular characteristic and that is the perception that lingers on in the minds of other people about them. Stories are defined by how they are told, where they are told, and who tells them. Every human especially children have at one time, if not every day had series of imaginations about their world and other places. Imaginations form a background to our existence; imaginations from stories, songs, folklores and history. Several histories though faded have been revived through imaginative thinking. Eras and worlds are reconstructed based on images and imageries beautifully carved out of old and faded memories of human history and philosophy. Imagine ... "Imagine that I am Cinderella," says the Nigerian actress. "Imagine turtles could fly," replies the German. And what do we imagine when we hear Nigeria? What images do we carry when we think of another region of the world? Where did we get these pictures from? How can we create our own TV, an "imaginary TV", break down prejudices and create our own shared vision of a world in which we want to live? Two actresses from different continents and a musician meet each other on stage, meet the audience. In poetic pictures, with playful lyrics in German and English, with singing and intoxicating dance. The artists from Lagos and Dusseldorf explore the dangers of one-sided perceptions with lust and humor.

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A set that displays varieties of sewing materials all on top of a sparkling white cape mat. It’s a sewing workshop with 2 distinct characters, Patch and Stitch both in their individual world wanted to explore the modern and old ways of making dresses and designs based on their knowledge, however, this wasn’t achieved as they ended up playing away. The later for them became a game of who designs best? Who’s the most creative? Who’s the fastest? Who can cut more? Who can explore more? Without words, many questions are raised in this piece which takes a theme of clothing, finding solace and working together to create beauty around the world. with nice materials, scissors, cup, carton, local Yoruba brooms, frying pan and plastic bottles, ribbons, shiny papers, buckets and pegs, rope, and other random objects, patch creates his clothes, stitch creates his with modern day Ankara materials and glamorous and new. But whether new or old, does the body care about that or rather about being covered from shame and rain.

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Storytelling has been a strong medium of documentation and cultural preservation and heritage. The average African is a storyteller and is known for recounting and recreating events that shape his immediate society and mind-set. While this is good and great, it has its down sides-pre-conceived societal notions and mind-sets. These attributes and qualities often time does more harm than good as it wrongly sharpens and conditions the narrative of people. Imagine the pre-conceived notions of the Yorubas towards the Hausa/Fulani or those of the Igbos towards the Yorubas. We would be talking about and sharing perspectives and ideas on wrong pre-conceived social stereotypes, changing the status quo and using the powerful tool of storytelling and stories. John N. Okocha is a storyteller with bias to African stories. He wishes to tell the RIGHT African stories, the RIGHT way. His love for storytelling combined with his cinematography and directorial skills has helped him in creating and telling these stories. With platforms such as documentaries, films, Tv series, online Tv content and even events documentation, he's tried to change the narrative of pre-conceived societal notions and mind-set towards issues. He has travelled wide and far, working to and helped in creating great stories, documentaries and media content that mostly border on Africa and the African narrative.


The Waiting Room is a psychological thriller based on life and fate in a metaphorical waiting room. The four strangers are called together by DESTINY and trapped in the room. What they are waiting for even they do not know. Each has received a letter which hints that only the smartest will leave this room alive. In another universe, the four are not strangers, in fact, they are too familiar but it’s the same concept, only the smartest survive.

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Film screening on the awareness and sensitization of HIV and AIDS.


Equity – What needs does theatre have in an international Cooperation? Economic, social and human development conditions are quite different around the globe. Yet all societies have a field of theatre. And many international Cooperation are done among two or even more partnering theatres from different parts of the world. What efforts need to be done to cooperate? How does an international Cooperation form content and aesthetics of an artwork? How can we create eyeheighth in international Cooperations? This Workshop invites producers, festival makers and theatre makers (from all fields: actresses, authors, set and costume designers, technicians, musicians and all) to think about structures needed, to work in a fair international Cooperation.